Paw Springs Pet Boutique

A Company dedicated to enriching your pet’s lifestyle.

Formed by a team of pet loving fashion designers every garment is thoughtfully created from sketch to finished piece. Every detail is thoughtfully selected from the comfortable and luxurious fabrics, threads and buttons to the finishing touches to insure that each piece is perfect and one of a kind. All our products are cruelty-free, vegan and non toxic. We believe every pet deserves a great life this is why we give back to animal shelters working for the cause.


EST. 2019

Fashion with a Cause

We started this company as a Project in which we gave Young talented fashion designers the opportunity to design dog apparel for charity events. These designers accommodated their designs to all types of dogs including those that were handicapped or had other mobility issues. These events became very popular for raising awareness not only about the pet fashion industry but also about adoption and animal care. We decided to start a company that would bring together a world of pet couture and animal wellness. Our designs are all handmade with love by people who care about animals and the environment. Knowing how important pets are in our families we offer styles they can wear to all kinds of social occasions and events. We celebrate the pet and human bond through fashion with a cause.

Our Mission

“To bring joy to both pets and their owners through creativity, style and comfort”

C.P. Miriam Leticia Rosas Viveros – Owner